When we take on a project, our aim is to provide a fully integrated, single system encompassing every aspect of a building’s technology. We are proficient in climate control, audio visual, lighting, IT, energy analysis, AT&M systems, window treatments and security. Being North, Centraline, NiagaraAX, KNX, Dali, enocean, Bacnet, Modbus and LON integrators helps us achieve this.


If you require consultancy with HVAC control, BEMS design or simply a Building Automation specialist to guide you; Imperium is here for you. At Imperium we can help with any issues whether they are conceptual early stages of a new project or an on site refurbishment. Imperium engineers have the experience and knowledge to help make any system simple and easy to understand.


When it comes to system design our in-house team can produce all of the required documentation to get your new system from concept to installation.

At Imperium we maintain our design standards to ensure that the systems that we produce are built to maximise the potential cost savings within any building whilst meeting all of the occupants requirements.

Our design team are experts in Bespoke System Specification, Equipment Selection, Control Panel Design, Custom 3D Graphics, System Supervisor/Head End Design and Build, System Control Strategy.


Whether by our design or yours, we can build a control panel to meet your requirements.

Our in-house panel manufacture workshop is able to build all types of control panel using the latest control equipment and complying with all British and European standards.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our control panels and for this reason all panels are thoroughly tested and inspected before they leave the workshop to ensure that the product you receive is the best that it can be.


Imperium can offer building analysis & consumption monitoring to identify inefficiencies and usage patterns. This can then be used to optimise and improve the controls parameters. Maximising efficiency and cost savings.


Our commissioning engineers are highly skilled professionals who have a vast knowledge of building control systems and are regularly trained to ensure that they are kept up to date with the ever changing and constantly advancing world of BEMS.

All of our engineers are trained to a minimum of the BCIA Building Controls Industry Technical certificate as part of their employment to give them a broad knowledge of building systems and the control strategies required to make them work effectively.

After Sales Support

Customer service is paramount to Imperium, in our eyes the project is not complete until the system is operating as completely and efficiently as possible. We also offer comprehensive service packages which will be developed to suit your system perfectly, ranging from weekly to yearly visits to keep the control system fully maintained.

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