Home Technology

Home Technology

We design state of the art, simple to use, energy efficient home automation systems. Why shouldn’t your home be as smart as the rest of your modern day world. Our engineers have vast experience in making many complex systems talk seamlessly creating a harmonious solution.

Climate Control

Uniting climate control with your home systems has never been easier. Using the latest technology Imperium can create a system which will do all the work, leaving time for you to enjoy the things that matter.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is where Imperium stands out from the crowd, with our rich BMS heritage we truly understand how to control your Heating & Cooling systems. This experience can truly be seen when fully integrated with your other home systems.

With mobile access it has never been easier to let your home know when you are on your way back or staying away for a few days, ensuring systems are either turned off or on to suit every situation.

Blinds & Curtains

Controlling the sun is something many have dreamed of in the past, and now it can be a reality inside your home. Utilizing fully motorised blinds we can control how much light is let into each area which can reduce glare on your TV or office PC screens or even when integrated with one of our climate control systems can be used to stop overheating in rooms.

After Sales Support

Customer service is paramount to Imperium in our eyes the project is not complete until the system is operating as completely and efficiently as possible.

Music & HI-FI

Whether it be hitting those high notes or feeling that bass kick, Imperium can make sure it is playing where you want it. Whether it be high fidelity audio in the study, digital radio in the lounge or synchronised music streaming across your whole house.

Internet, Networking & Telephone

Any system is only ever as strong as the weakest link this is why Imperium takes time to ensure that all networking and back of house aspects will not let you down. Taking this approach will guarantee no dropping out anywhere in your home ensuring you will never miss a thing again.

Select Products

We only choose the best products available on the market, finding you the most effective and suitable solutions to match your requirements. This ensures that installed system is as robust and fluid as the design can be. We would only install something that we would be proud to have in own homes.

Intelligent Lighting

In the touch of button or a tap on a smart phone you can set your scene to fit your mood.

Lighting control has never been so smart & flexible, here at Imperium we can design a solution which works best for you. By working with you every step of the way from light switches, keypads to touchscreens we can make sure that the backend engineering works as smoothly as the mood lighting.

Security, Integration & CCTV

Seeing is believing and being able to see every part of your home with an integrated CCTV/security system will keep you safe in the knowledge that your Imperium system is keeping you protected. With a fully integrated system you can be fully aware of any unlocked doors or open windows anywhere in the world. Occupancy simulation is also possible to give the impression you are home when you are away.

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